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Keep in mind that it’s easier to buy cartridges for the hp as well since hp is everywhere. Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. However this is special laminate and not the regular laminate normally available at stationery stores. Don’t let those cheap prices fool you, I don’t know how many 8×10” glossy photos you can print on yours before you need to replace the cartridges, but mine would last about 20 pages on a good day and MUCH LESS if there was a few weeks or months between print outs. Most of the color lasers will print a ‘demo sheet’ and you can see for yourself what each model may or may not do right Office Depot or other store which has them setup. However, if you are not that picky the above laser will print photos. It took a few runs of regular paper to clean it out.

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Do any of you know? I’d be happy with either. It’s network ready with its own built-in Website, fast and offers a duty cycle of 50, pages per month. This said, I would never use it to print my lexmzrk photographs because its not really designed for the quality of output I desire.

As you already know: Hi thank you for your help. Check it out on Xerox’s website. We had posted a Fuji Century print in a South facing window and a Color copy. Back to Peripherals forum 38 total posts Page 1 of 2 01 02 Next.


Can you use a color laser printer for photo printing? – Forums – CNET

Typical guarantees on signs run about 3 years with UV k5115 plastic overlay. For me it saves me money and it will outlast the home user photo printer many times over. The other injet papers usually have a plastic based coating which will melt in the heat of a laser and may ruin the lexmrk.

The HP Color printer that I saw was Next is the type of paper you select and the amount of glossy finish it has.

Can you use a color laser printer for photo printing?

An added bonus is that the prints won’t fade as bad as injets AND they llexmark water proof!! I haven’t dared use photo paper in it since.

You can’t use Canon’s supplies in a Sony printer and vis-versa. Here’s the secret to these results. As a general rule, I have used a succession of Minoltas, currently lfxmark a DL with good but not superb results and a Dell Dell CN with good enough but not striking results.

I create photo comic books.

If you can find a nearby Staples office supply store, they will usually have an Okidata CN and the low-end Minolta color laser printers available for demo.

I am new to printing photo on a printer, so Lexmaro can use all the help. I have the Konica Minolta magicolor w which I use for color brochures. I think my HP ink jet cost more to run than this with full 5k15, and supreme HP photo paper.


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I know the cost may make it prohibitive for a home machine, but the tech support and service has been excellent. Again thank you for your help everyone! Oh well, Thats 8 inks I didn’t buy every howmany prints.

This is a solid ink technology and the ink fuses at a lower temperature. This means the imaging drum gets used up four times faster for color prints. The first problem is to remove red eye and other imperfections in some photo fixit software. Like inkjet print cartridges, you can only use the supplies that are made for the printer.

K I-2 – Price comparison Switzerland

Photo paper is unsuitable for use in a laser printer. If you’re satisfied with the Okidata’s photo quality, this is a great price.

The yellow in the print fading out. I bought a Konica MagicColor w and was very disappointed with the print outs for photo’s.

The cannon was too yellowish. I’d print out the price and go to staples with it.