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Logo for Core i7 Bloomfield processors. Supports redundant power supplies. Intel DMUD desktop motherboard. Essentially a Deschutes Pentium II with no cache. Based on the Niantic controller chip. This article is for the family of processors. The G models have integrated GMA graphics.

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Manufactured by Intel for Dell. Used in the Barbie PC, among others. Reference unknown; see Gallatin disambiguation for possibilities.

Downloads for Intel® Core™ Processors

Lynnfield processors use a PCH removing the need for a northbridge. It has been reported that Nehalem has a focus on performance, thus the increased core size.

Retrieved from ” https: Intel SEBR2 two-socket server motherboard. More aburndale options for Products formerly Arrandale. Half-width two-socket server motherboard designed in cooperation with Facebook as part of the Open Compute Project. Dothanan ancient town in Israel liked by the Israeli design team. Part of the Caneland platform. Prices are for direct Intel customers, typically represent 1,unit purchase quantities, and are subject to change without notice.


Overclocking is possible with Bloomfield processors and the X58 chipset. Intel SECW2 two-socket server board. May be named after a place in Pennsylvania. Intel XT2 server Ethernet adapter. Intel series desktop and mobile chipsets, and the C series chipsets for workstations and entry-level servers.

Based on the EB controller chip Oplin. Intel PXX series 4U rackmount or pedestal server chassis.

Members of the family:. Based on the PM Moab controller chip. Westmere tick Sandy Bridge tock. Emerald Bay abuurndale a bay on the west side of Lake Tahoein California.

Retrieved 24 November Our goal is to make the ARK family of tools a valuable resource for you. Montaraa census-designated place in San Mateo County, California.

Based on the QM controller chip Lavon.

Nehalem (microarchitecture)

Most processors after a certain date were named after cities that could be found on the map of the United States. Intel DP55WB desktop motherboard. Atom D and N series single-core and D and N series dual-core. Views Read Edit View history.


Products formerly Arrandale

Intel BNFX server motherboard. Procsesor Home Product Specifications Processors. Tahitithe largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia. Celeron M aimed at low-cost and embedded applications. Pentium Pro — MHz.