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Step 6 – Install Your Software Application Copyright Copyright by Exabyte Corporation. Shipping The Tape Drive Procedure For Removing A Cartridge Physical Track Structure This item and the information contained herein are the property of

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Figures Features Figure Comparison of the four tape drives. In c,and Step 2 – Terminate The Scsi Bus Setting Operating Parameters Loading New Microcode Tape Transport Mechanism Tools Required For Troubleshooting Data Flow And Data Compression Conventions Used In This Guide About This Manual Electromagnetic Compatibility emc Particulate Contamination Limits Replacing The Top Panel Index R T read access time tape speed read operations file search read reliability nominal Exabyte EXB 8mm Owner’s Manual 78 pages 8 mm tape drives, for standard and extended-length configurations.

Problems With Tape Drive Installation Supported Logical Formats Loading Data Cartridges Figure Internal Components exb Shown How This Manual Is Organized Step 6 – Register Your Tape Drive Mean Time Between Failures mtbf Thresholds During A Read Operation Data Transfer Rate Service Life The tape Back Panel Components Step 1 – Set The Scsi Id Glossary mm Millimeter 0.


Write-protecting A Data Cartridge Unloading A Data Cartridge Exabute The Sld Card Table of contents Table Of Contents Connect The Power Cable Inquiring About Tape Drive Status Safety Agency Standards Preparing The Cts For Operation Using A Microcode Update Tape