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I have every confidence in my fellow Canadians to rise to this challenge if given the opportunity. There are issues of training, of equipment, of public awareness, consistency in standards; how do we best leverage technology and ensure accessibility for all of Canadians needs? It’s just enough to do a few repairs, buy some tapes and several are on the verge of closure. Let’s keep community television focused on communities, not advertisers and ratings. First of all, do you see the value of the internet for community programming? I mean, what the Commission now has under the Telecommunications Act , the power, recent and legislative amendments to do administrative monetary fines, since that’s come into force, we haven’t really needed to use that authority. Not only that, it also takes vision, passion and dogged determination.

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You know, sometimes there will be a high school come to us, they would like 6514me-es done and it is on the same day as a hockey tournament that we have already committed to.

Transcript, Hearing January 20, 2017

Thank you very much for your presentations. In some des, the province is involved, as is certainly the case in Saskatchewan and others which are now putting in regulatory frameworks, and in some cases, they’re actually collecting money through fees and funding and distributing that back to sustain the system.

I mean, have some of these shows ended up with over-the-air broadcasters, for example, in Winnipeg? The running costs and maintenance will be substantially less than with our des analog gear.

We have legislative frameworks. So if that’s — we do believe that that would be helpful to keep everybody on track.


And that should obviously be developed by 6514kr-es industry and the community groups, et cetera. D’abord parce qu’on serait certain que les lois canadiennes s’appliquent, que les actifs de cette entreprise sont au Canada.

Obviously, there was inflation and by our calculation at 17 — maybe your calculation will make it 19 or so, let’s not quibble about the exact number. Je sais que le centre de….

I was here last week and saw Commissioner Patrone’s questions about, you know, the Cogeco and Shaw newscasts about cable rates.

So we thought the internet, a website is the place to go for that because it becomes hyper-local by neighbourhood. We offer community programming in four of those exempt systems. Merci beaucoup pour votre participation.

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It’s isolated specifically for that. I am wondering how unwheeled you would be — excuse me — how, because you’re talking about shock block applications of certain rules whereby access levels might be mandated in this community because there is a conventional broadcaster, but not in that one.

Are they competing with you? It is the consumer’s money, it is their 2 percent that is going on, and I guess when other folks were here last week we talked about stewardship and the BDUs being the stewards of this funding as well. You know, the community programming doesn’t compete as such because the networks are not connected.

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They want somebody to tell them what to do. Nor do you know, then, whether they pretty much all look the same or not; is that correct? So I don’t see that sses. In Valemount we’ve got more than one percent making television, more than 10 people that is. Chairman, and good morning. So rather than it being, let’s say, 30 ss, double it to 60 percent or something like that, which would then mean that the local community would have an ability to express itself on TV using the funds or the equipment provided by Cogeco.


Well, actually, it’s a total of PSAPs if we count primaries and secondaries. You say that the “Slovak Spectrum” has been on the air with Rogers for 30 651mr-es.

Do you let them know you’re there and your door’s open and call us and, if you do, how do you do that; or, do you wait for your phone 6541mr-es ring? And, you know, when we talk about over-the-air, we’re talking about technology, you know, video-on-demand versus over-the-air.

So you are able to fulfil all the requests for access programming in all markets? Wes that’s — I’m still talking of the network world. Windows 7 Flynet Modem Driver Verbatim 3. Chair, I will start and then hand off to my colleague David Watt. This plan would enable many of the smaller studios in Manitoba to stay open or to reopen.

Last year we celebrated our 80th Anniversary and now we are well into our 81st year.